Collective Work Flow

a better work day experience

Thursday, July 8th · 10am-7pm
at kind oasis


Limited Spots Available!

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-Curated Day Pass-

this unique work day experience will include:

guided Work flow Sessions

Scheduled time for short, guided wellness sessions as a temporary break from work to help you stay mindful throughout the work day. 

A coworking community of people like you

Connection time with likeminded and like-purposed people for a coworking experience designed to build community

Wellness products and SERVICEs

Your Day Pass includes free and 50% discounted wellness products storewide from Kind Oasis and services from Collective Flow

All the Amenities you need for a great work day

This includes free coffee, free wifi, and dedicated spaces for quiet work time, casual connecting, and in person or virtual meetings. 

RestoreFlow Yoga Class

Taught by Collective Flow from 7-8pm in the yoga studio at Kind Oasis.

This is the only time you'll hear us say this, but... disengage your muscles. RestoreFlow is a Yin Yoga inspired class which aims to disengage the muscles to focus more on connective tissue, ligaments, and joints. Ground-based poses will be held for 3 - 5 minutes to allow gravity to do its work. All levels - no experience needed.

Meet The Organizers

WorkAround connects people to unique locations to work from and likeminded people to work around. WorkAround offers a better remote work experience that allows individuals, organizations, and businesses to curate their work days based on the people and environments that will benefit them most, ultimately creating community for the future of work.

Collective Flow is an inclusive and collaborative community dedicated to deepening individual and group wellness through functional yoga, fitness, and health coaching. With their training being rooted in functional medicine, the CF approach is to simply feel good first through strength building, confidence, and other internal motivators. Because they believe health should be all encompassing, Collective Flow infuses mindfulness into every thing they do.

Kind Oasis is a modern CBD Apothecary based in Milwaukee, WI. Kind Oasis was formed with the belief that hemp products should be affordable and safe. Kind Oasis' goal is to help educate and build a communal Oasis both online and at its flagship location.

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